Vicious circle

 Each of us has, on average, approximately 6000 opinions and convictions that determine our spontaneous reactions. 90% of these opinions and convictions are destructive ( I am not able; I don’t know; I have to; I can’t manage; I am ugly; I am fat; I shall never be rich; I won’t live that long; it won’t work; what will people say; what will I look like…).

95% of time we let these destructive opinions and convictions control our behavior and only 5% of time we think and act freely.

One is not able to think freely and in a creative way when he or she lives in or reacts to fear. A neurological reaction to negative information causes a neurological block that results in repeating one and the same destructive behavioral pattern. Thus we are moving in a vicious circle utilizing not more than 5% of our brain capacity.

The consequences take the form of various psychological and/or somatic problems whose origins are usually painfully puzzling for the client.

Using One Brain method, we can easily determine the causes of stress and its emotional radius thus restoring the natural and effective flow of energy through client’s body.

The relevant information is obtained through the muscle test. The brain, our biological computer, can be asked any question. The ‘yes or no’ answer is given in the form of changes in muscle tension. In response to a question or stimulus, the muscle tension is either relieved or stays the same.

Once the causes of stress were identified we proceed to remove the blocks via various corrective moves. The corrective procedure itself consists of a series of surprisingly simple moves (sometimes accompanied by an exposure to light) with results delivered fast. The moves are so uncomplicated that for someone who associates medical treatment with sophisticated high-tech equipment it just defies belief that such impressive results can be achieved through something so simple.