Self - healing process

Everyone is responsible for themselves and can make free decisions concerning the best way to address their problems. The exceptionality of One Brain method lies in the fact that the method targets the causes and not the symptoms of a problem, i.e. the cause of a stressing situation that has led to a block in the flow of energy. My fundamental role in the therapeutic process is to help the client to understand the roots of her problem. At the same time it must be emphasized that anyone seeking to address their problems within the therapeutic framework of One Brain method

has to be actively willing to solve the relevant problems.

Various kinds of psychological or somatic problems such as headache, backache, obesity, various kinds of allergies, addictions and phobias can be caused by long forgotten, extreme physical stress, an unexpected shock or sometimes even by something surprisingly banal. Our defense system will interpret such an event as dangerous and, consequently, place an energy block in the unconsciousness. This results in blocking the energy flow on both the neurological and somatic levels.

ONE BRAIN method focuses on unblocking the emotional traumas and stress that led to a formation of ‘blind spots’ in client’s psychological structure. It is these ‘blind spots’ what prevents us from fully developing our potential.

A typical example of such a ‘blind spot’ is dysgraphia and dyslexia; the two can be treated effectively by One Brain method. Testing client’s muscle tension, the One Brain therapist will communicate with those parts of client’s memory where the causes of stress are located. The stress can be then permanently eliminated after suitable corrective mechanisms were used and client’s conscious reflection of the stress itself and its causes.

In the case of somatic problems with psychological origins the unblocked and stress-free body will start self-healing process and strengthen its defences.