One Brain

 Beyond our stress, anxieties and addictions, there is a beautiful diamond hidden that is waiting to be discovered and cut. The diamond represents a creative and harmonious inner being, a being that is inside all of us.

One Brain removes blocks that are results of experienced stress so that we can once again start deciding freely how we want to live our life.

I can’t stop being amazed by the results of this therapeutic method.

What is One Brain?

The name of the method refers to an ideal state of brain functioning which is (as the name indicates) the state of efficient and harmonious cooperation between the left and right brain hemispheres.

One of the many advantages of this method is that fact that it is a very client-friendly method while being, at the same time, fast and effective.

Past emotional traumas, stress, fear and pain lead to energy blocks or psychological ‘blind spots’. These ‘blind spots’ will later interfere with our decision making process preventing us from thinking and acting freely. Any new situation is approached as if through the filter of the past trauma which makes us ‘blind’ with respect to alternative responses to the new situation; and once again we response with the old behavioral pattern. Thus we do not really think in these situations, we just come up with a mechanical response that is determined by our negative and long-forgotten experience.

We always come back to the trauma we have experienced. We relive it again and again in new and similar situations with all the associated negative emotions.