Kinesiology is just a part of single brain – one brain. It is a method of communication with one’s own brain, i.e. with one’s own computer and its massive memory capacity.

The method helps to eliminate the energy blocks in the brain that originate in the past emotional traumas, fears, anxieties and pain.

Identifying the causes of imbalance in client’s body kick-starts the self healing process. The facilitator does not interfere with the self healing process, she lets the body itself regulate the energy flow which is what eventually triggers the regulatory process of self healing. It is fundamentally a psychological method that enhances client’s performance. Testing client’s muscles we locate the blocks and find out when, where and why the energy flow stopped.

If you are not happy about something, it is only you who has to change it, no one else can do it in your stead.

Stress is the cause of all diseases. A doctor will prescribe a pill against pain or stress while a kinesiologist will target the cause of your problems achieving long-term relief.

Removing the energy blocks costs 700 czk.

Working with client’s aura, using essences from Aura-Soma and Bach’s essences during the unblocking process; using also a dripping bottle (25ml) with an essence whose composition is prepared according

to an individual psychosomatic profile of each client, costs 300 czk.