Zdenka Andryskova, MA  08. 05. 1970

Tree Fairy is a registered trademark. I am a keen and passionate practitioner of kinesiology and One Brain method. My counseling involves working with the client’s aura and Bach’s and animal essences. I have a 16 year long experience of teaching which provides a necessary background when helping parents of dyslexic children, or anyone who wants to find a solution to their problems. I am a facilitator and certified instructor of One Brain method, Three in One Concepts. This method is based on certain fundamental principles of old Chinese medicine. It improves learning, concentration and communication skills. It helps to calm down hyperactive children, stimulates spiritual development in an individual and enables her to understand the inner potential of her personality. It does away with various kinds of stress, learning difficulties, phobias, addictions, allergies and traumas that have origins in any stage of one’s life.